What is Potentiation?  

Potentiation is the use of other supplements/substances or a physical  procedure to make a dosage of, in this case Kratom, more effective for the same quantity taken. 

Ex vitro Potentiation (Outside the body, before consumption)

There are many ways of making a Kratom dose more effective but the basic idea is the same.

  • Making more alkaloids available for the body to use from the original material.
  • Using the alkaloids more effectively per dose.

Physical Potentiation of the Kratom material

This means treating the Kratom powder or leafs to a physical process that releases more of the active alkaloids before ingestion.

Example of this are

  • Hydrating the leaf with an acid, lemon juice, vinegar etc, or
  • Hydrating the powder and freezing to break the plant cell walls down
  • Heating and vigourous boiling of the plant material, to extract more alkaloids

Chemical Potentiation of the Kratom material

Example of this are

  • Soaking the leaf with an acid, lemon juice, vinegar etc, to extract more alkaloids.

In vivo Potentiation (Inside the body)

In vivo potentiation involves taking other substances inside your body to make Kratom more effective. Several classifications here and for each of the classifications, come in natural forms as well as pharmaceutical forms.

  • NDMA Antagonists,Tolerance Reducers

      • NDMA antagonists are used to prevent tolerance build up
  • Dopaminergics

      • Used to aid synthesis of dopamine, and epinephrine along with Norepinephrine. The dopamine system is the internal reward system, and boosting it has synergistic effects with Kratom.
  • Synergistics

      • Synergistics work with Kratom to enhance and or prolong the effects.
  • Supplementation

    • Supplements help to energize and replenish chemical and neural pathways of the body.

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