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Why don't we sell Kratom?

First of all, don’t panic!Kratom is still very much legal in most of the world, and hopefully as an interested person, you will join the growing population who finds  Kratom useful, fun and worth fighting for.The reason we ( do not sell Kratom is due to a particularity of the EU laws.In order to make claims about a product including traditional natural herbal products in the EU, something known as THMPD registration must take place.
  • This EU Directive came into force in May 2011, following a 7 year transition period.  It’s a very complex piece of legislation. But in short, requires certain “medicinal” herbs to have a THMPD registration to be on the marketplace.
  • In 2011, this was at a cost of £110,000 per herb, PER EU country. So put these herbals into the hands of only the very large (often pharmaceutical) companies.
  • It should be noted that large pharmaceutical companies campaigned very heavily for this legislation.
  • Only 56 herbal medicines have ever been approved (Echinacea is one herb approved for example.)
  • This is a huge fight and there are huge organizations fighting this, and huge organizations (pharmaceutical companies) fighting against it.

So what does all this mean to you?

This means in order for us to discuss about the useful and medicinal properties of Kratom, we cannot sell it. So instead, is meant as a resource and community driven site for individuals to research and come to their own conclusions about this miracle plant.

Where can I buy Kratom?

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